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Project Management

Our project managers have many years of experience in providing consulting services. They face a wide range of challenges in business & IT, increasing the performance of existing solutions and creating new ones. - Our clients appreciate our project managers’ efficient planning, organizing and controlling of available resources in achieving their goals.

Gordiancode supports you in optimizing business processes. In order to guarantee the cooperation between the department and IT, we rely on the standard BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation). All our consultants are Camunda-certified.

In addition to the development and implementation of strategies and the associated change management, we provide consulting services in the field of set-up/reorgansation and management of business units as wells as in the area of ITSM (IT Service Management) according to ITIL.



We speak Windows:


as well as Unix:

C, C++, Perl, Python, Shell, PHP, MySQL, PL/SQL

We would be happy to implement your requirements using these skills. In case the aforementioned terms are of little or no meaning to you, we will be happy to advise.


Creating Solutions

Gordian Code specializes in adapting existing systems as well as in developing new individual solutions in the following fields:

Data Bases:

Design and development using MS TSQL, MySQL and Oracle PL/SQL.
We are specialized in the use of SQL-Relay ( for distributed databases. In collaboration with Dave Muse of Firstworks we have introduced the Native API for C#.Net.

Corporate Applications:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Billing and Content Management Systems (CMS) consolidated according to your needs. In other words: Lean, functional and efficient enterprise applications that deliver exactly what you need.

Customized RADIUS Solutions:

We are experienced specialists in implementing FreeRadius and for developing AAA modules with interfaces to your own user databases. Among other things, our FIAS interface modules serve the market-leading manufacturer of property management systems (PMS) for the hospitality industry.

CMS Typo3:

For all those who need an enterprise-ready CMS, we offer longtime experience in extension development for TYPO3 using Extbase and Fluid.

Computer Center Operation:

We service and maintain your Linux servers and server systems, virtual or real. Our experts ensure that your Linux systems are always up to date with the latest security standards and are familiar with all standard services (LAMP, bind, dhcp, sendmail etc.).


The better a system is maintained and cared for, the more stable it runs. That's why we support your projects through comprehensive system maintenance.

We cater for all aspects of operations management and data preparation, management and collection, such as analysis of usage patterns.

8/5 Support:

When on this plan, we will support your system on all working days of the year during normal business hours, i. e. 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. We offer response times starting from a few minutes at different terms. This type of support is ideal for B2B systems that are mainly used during business hours.

24/7 Support:

We take care of your system around the clock, every day of the year. Again, different reaction times can be specified, depending on how problematic time delays are for your product. This package is therefore ideal for B2C systems where your brand image or turnover could be compromised in the event of a breakdown.

Individual support solutions, e. g. for small business, are possible as well. Please feel free to contact us.

And in case there should ever be an unforeseen problem: We won't let you standing in the rain!